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nina be :: ma.  m.ed.  ncc  e-ryt-500  



nina be :: ma.  m.ed.  ncc  e-ryt-500  


bio:: The body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind."


Nina Be (MA, MEd, E-RYT 500, NCC) is a yoga therapist, writer/poet, choreographer, performer and restaurateur, who has been producing, teaching, choreographing and designing wellness programs internationally for over 40 years. Her professional performance and published work reflects her orientation as a creative spiritual activist, psychosomatic guide and mystic.   She has choreographed over 20 original dance theatre works and several musicals and operas.

In 1967 nina began studying ballet technique and choreography with Gene Hammett and Perry Brunson of the Ballet Russe. In 1968 she auditioned for the NC School of the Arts ballet dept and was awarded full scholarship for the high school. Upon being awarded a schoarship to the Joffrey School of Ballet, she moved to NYC and began pursuing the path of a professional ballet dancer studying with Maggie Black, Robert Joffrey, Nenette Charrisse, Bobby Blankshine and David Howard. After suffering from debilitating knee injuries, nina explored the somatic & contemplative arts more deeply in order to avoid surgery. Mentorship in the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and kinesthesiology formed the foundation for her Master’s degree in Performing Arts (1979), where she taught, choreographed directed and designed performance art.  Upon graduation Nina was invited to NYC to be assistant to Lee Theodore at the American Dance Machine, where she worked internationally, until Lee’s death.

Presently, nina be directs the MindBody Centering Yoga program, corporate wellness at Burt’s Bees, co-directs the volunteer program of Mindful Whole Health for hundreds if women in JOBSTART (in the N.C. State Women’s Prison System) and offers various workshops and groups for transforming trauma. nina be developed MindBody Centering Yoga to provide dynamic creative movement  and present moment awareness techniques for trauma-sensitive individuals, families, groups, universities and corporations. Her successful RYT 200/300/500-hour Yoga Alliance certification programs of MindBody Centering Yoga, specializing in trauma-sensitive techniques, are offered across the United States . 

As the founder of LiveGlobally, her vision of quelling children’s global poverty through the practice of mindful yoga in community has begun by supporting the building of a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, for the Ingrid Children Education Centre. and supports at-risk adolescents

In order to satisfy her big curiosity about the world, nina has traveled to 38 of the 50 United States and 19 countries.  She plans on experiencing it all!

artist statement::

“It takes me about 10 years to produce a complete work. Every particle of thought, physical experience and relationship rolls over and into my livingness…like some lucid dream, where memories pose as vivd flashbacks not to be separated from, but to be woven into the intelligence of being.”

“The point for me is to participate as a crucial aspect of the living matrix; thats my role as an artist/co-creator. Its not random. Its my job/purpose; to pay attention to all of it…and respond in some interested way….or be able to rest into, find a place for this fractal, (understood as a part of me), and express from that unique vantage point, which will be spiraled into its next mutation instantaneously. I call this the practice of peaceful abiding.”

“My personal time is spent in much quiet so as to settle into some kind of less discordant relationship with my Self. The judgments and social constructs of violence, scarcity and competition must be transmuted in order to reach the open canvas. What is here? As stagnant fragments of relationship with my Self can release, some space for vulnerability allows questioning, dismantling, equanimity.”

“Once there is some semblance of a resolved Self, relationships are sought out for dialoguing around particular themes of inquiry. These explorations look at the conditions of consciousness embodied in death, homelessness, time, seasons, Earth, trauma, madness, unbeing and Spirit as Grace.”

“Collaborations create a perfect psycho-somatic climate to propose how juxtaposition is the necessary dynamic needed to break open into revelation. The interest is in non-performative approaches to expression that embody the heart of the mind. That means the musician, sculptor, dancer, writer, mover/ breather is resolving the existential dilemma of the ego’s legitimacy as superiority. We get to be interested in getting out of the way of our own voluntary imprisoned stuckness as masters of the planet. “

“As a social choreographer its crucial for me to advocate releasing our cultural behaviors and values that create the social constructs of oppression, violating the plethora of species with which we share the Earth and cosmos. This is my highest value as a human being.”

“Next work is to be mounted in 2020.”



ballet/ jazz/creative movement/performance art::

2010-present global breath studio

2002-2006  New Orleans conservatory of the arts

1996-1999  tulane dance dept

1995-1997  new orleans jazz project

1986-1989  japan dansports

1985-1987  tokyo ballet company

1980-1985  american dance machine

1983-1985  steps-nyc

1983-1985  harkness house 

-1980  nyc public schools-the harlem creative arts project

suny university 

choreography/performance lab:

2013-present  Quest multi-media project-power plant gallery/duke

2002-2006  New Orleans Conservatory of the Arts-Performing Arts director/choreography/movement specialist

1995-1999  Loyola University- Co-Director MFA Opera Department

administration of funding fellowships/grants:

2013-2017 global breath studio/foundation

1985-2009  Body Center

1994-1996  contemporary arts center-regional arts project

1993/1996  inter-media arts/mcknight fellowship

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"The body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind."


"The body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind."

National Brain Awareness Panel Discussion part2. Nina Be tells her story of recovery from brain trauma and demonstrates mediation techniques to deal with it.

As a therapist of trauma-sensitive Yoga,                Nina Be has been facilitating trainings, retreats and private counseling for hundreds of individuals and families from all walks of life     for over a decade.

"Most likely the skills gained from MindBody Centering are quite particular to each individual.  It is true that most have been able to create liberation for themselves in a variety of ways, so as to define and come to embrace their authentic paths of power.  Beautiful youth have put down the cutting blade, life-threatening restriction, drug habits and self abuse, in order to be energized contributors and guides for those like themselves. Parents have chosen to take a breath instead of short-circuiting or silencing  the potential of their offspring with shame and violence. Wizened folks have stood up from their rockers and traveled the globe to offer the grace of fully-lived experiences.  Lonely individuals, threatened by the disposable culture of corporate vocations, have arrived home to a Self of unlimited imagination and creativity in order to thrive within the context of expert and deeply reverent livelihoods.  With awareness and dedication to simple, self care, the insanity quieted, the ‘Self’  showed up to declare its needs, and, what a wise teacher of life offered, ‘brilliant sanity’ blossomed."