"Most likely the skills gained from MindBody Centering are quite particular to each individual.  It is true that most have been able to create liberation for themselves in a variety of ways, so as to define and come to embrace their authentic paths of power.  Beautiful youth have put down the cutting blade, life-threatening restriction, drug habits and self abuse, in order to be energized contributors and guides for those like themselves. Parents have chosen to take a breath instead of short-circuiting or silencing  the potential of their offspring with shame and violence. Wizened folks have stood up from their rockers and traveled the globe to offer the grace of fully-lived experiences.  Lonely individuals, threatened by the disposable culture of corporate vocations, have arrived home to a Self of unlimited imagination and creativity in order to thrive within the context of expert and deeply reverent livelihoods.  With awareness and dedication to simple, self care, the insanity quieted, the ‘Self’  showed up to declare its needs, and, what a wise teacher of life offered, ‘brilliant sanity’ blossomed."  

Quoted from Nina Be's upcoming book, CHAKRA ENCHANTMENT