feel :: felt experience enriching life

" Slowly, we proceeded into understanding by finding nourishment and strength awaiting and divinely created. We made some tea. We found some quiet and rested. We wrapped a warm blanket of trust around our presence together. Together, we created warm and quiet places -- ‘home’ -- out of necessity and innate grace."
Healing Circles of Light is a forum for re-languaging sticky pathology into freedom. These nourishing circles explore:
  • Breathing techniques  to create space and neurological balance in the body, mind and heart .
  • Movement attunement  to support ease and release from blocked energy and strain.
  • Meditation to focus the mind into present moment awareness (from the lineage of master teacher Thich Nhat Hahn).
  • Sound Healing as nourishment for receptivity of innate knowing for remembering  thriving and ease.
  • Yoga Nidra to calibrate negative thoughts, words and strain into positive light.
  • Creative expression to process transformative experiences.

Healing Circles of Light are offered at Global Breath Studio in Durham NC  on Monday nights from 7-9 for the months of February and April 2017. 

As one of the originators of trauma-sensitive yoga, nina be is a seasoned, certified mental health counselor and yoga therapist who has offered nourishing resources with long lasting effects, to hundreds of people all over the world.  Symptoms of complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cancer, panic attacks, and eating disorders are resolved as they become better understood, with gently guided  experience.

nina be offers certified MindBody Centering Yoga training courses at the ryt-200 & 500 levels.

Healing Circles of Light can be offered as welcoming ceremonial circles of empowerment, hour long workshops, retreat weekends, and week-long healing intensives.

"We made our way carefully... with strengths gleaned from our weaknesses and wisdom from our mistakes. We befriended what had been rejected, held precious what was to be forgotten.
Led by compassion, we came to understand that our breath, thoughts, words, and deeds made deep imprints upon the fabric of our reality. These tenets are the essential fundamental Truths. We create liberation for ourselves by defining and embracing our authentic paths of power. Beautiful youth have put down cutting blades, life-threatening restrictions, drug habits, and self-abuse and become energized guides for others like themselves. Wizened folks have stood up from their rockers and traveled the globe to offer the grace of their well-lived, almost-silenced experiences.  Lonely individuals, threatened by the disposable nature of corporate vocations, have arrived into unlimited imagination and creativity. They thrive as experts devoted to their reverent livelihoods. 
As we become quiet and listen in the sacred circles , the chaos and confusion settles. As we arrive into this circle of question-askers, our shared understanding waters seeds of expression that may have lain dormant. These dormant seeds often feel like an exuberant Self that has longed to be heard and held."