dear beginner....

you are present because you recognize the sacred nature of these practices

 practice is  holding space for the greater good.                                                                                  that means for me...that all beings are of equal worth, and their lives have value.

perhaps this is a moment for a cooperative reaching into a deeper understanding for how to hold space for a bigger vessel to contain this life..... reverent work and practice of generosity and kindness.

i want to always be prepared to listen and learn from all that is....

as a guide, responsible for the wellbeing of all who have come to the circle with various expectations and agreements, is to maintain those agreements.  

one of the strongest threads of holding an integrated vessel for everyone to relax,  is presence.                                                                                                                                                 this solid agreement is the first bow, to hold our selves and others kindly in our hearts, with all of our breath, thoughts, words and actions.

when someone is not present, the agreement tears and everyone suffers the jarring of the vessel.                                                                                                                                                           if it is i who jars the vessel...                                                                                                                   some observations made;                                                                                                                         there is not clarity on my  part                                                                                                                 have  enough questions  been asked                                                                                             what is my  hesitation... lack of trust, a tendency to make too many promises,  needing to test the comfort and trust implied ...                                                                                                                                   what do i want?                                                                                                                      if part of the response is about empowerment, that means change is implied.... doing things differently and it entails bowing into new agreements and systems with strangers and the Divine.                               

all questions, of course, are really about our relationships with ourselves.                                      all experience and its power and potential is about you...   

 everyone will have their moments of fear and wanting to not be present.                                       that is when the magic of solid presence heals.                                                                                     we never know what kind of miracles our mere presence has on all living beings.                  this is the core lesson and practice of a reverent life.                                                                         this is how Grace arrives, by bowing.      


this is the sacred path.

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