founded upon the brechtian principal that artists are the ultimate teachers for humanity            qUest wiRx offers a variety of creation languages emerging from conversations in deep examinations gleaned during many a 'dark night of the soul'.

as is apparent of this today, each ones self-made heaven and hell are present...                      heaven defined as ever-available gifts of unmanipulated natural realms of ultimate reality...                            hell being defined as entrapment in ones patterns of madness...                                 how to free the self?

the process of liberation is an ongoing unique wave of livingness;                                                        the details of what is found on canvases, in bodies, on faces, in the painted, lined around the edges of the obvious and unseen.                                                                                   led by sensing, perhaps this is mostly about feeling in order to touch understanding.     all is ...

from such fascinations, qW artists, as co-creators, who have come to the other side  of some darkness, hold up a light from which others may be guided into grace.

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