blood dance

everything must be broken

covering myself in the rawness of me exposed 

blood runs spreading messily over the terrain of tribal codes

sexual incest and knotted sheets

covering silenced brothers and sisters

suffocating still .  ness . now


panicked fidget 

loosens patterns the pressurized cooker  ever creates

over and over

“oh, you are just like grandma”

and shivering back to slithering around

belly blood recreating more generations

of messy


im a white gyrl


not childless

no ‘queer’ here

until it makes me so sick to my stomach that  blood pours out of  ass and mouth 

 peering side glances don't make it go away




free me into the pasture

of my own version of wild compassion

that possesses and sees and feels all at once

and throws me off tracks

into some raveen

of hellish consequences

that reteach surviving

this millionth time

to dance among the self perpetuated demons

pulling at my dancing bleeding feet

from beneath my bed of lusted after




toppled down to make mad love with the lust that lay barren of forgotten touch


laying here still

sky folded into each times wrinkle

clouds pillow

fingers and toes that wriggle

with songs unstuck



awakening over and over