sometimes and often...a student will arrive who is dying of Spirit

and for days and months 

the Mother guide of loving kindness channels the breath of Great Spirit

into this fragile being

so as to keep it buoyant

upon its own sea of breath.

slowly the life returns

and livingness 

is again created of the light and darkness.


many times and often,

in order for the darkness to be understood and integrated

it is thrown onto Mother guide

so that she becomes the canvas to be projected upon.

This is the greatest gift of the archetype Mother guide...

to be steady

holding the canvas upon which great destructive fire

is shielded...


As Mother guide continues to rest in loving kindness

oft times burned. criticized and hated

clarity may arrive into the process of projection.

for indeed the criticism, disdain and loathing is that of the small bird

afraid to fly with her great wings.


as Mother guide stays

children scatter




to deeply love as defiance of the breathless bird.


Mother guide is one who is graced

with the singed edges of many burns

glowing in the real world

as dissolving illusion.

It must be

as it is.