its a  relatively slow process


knowing this way of love was off from the beginning

critical eyes with no windows in

crawling to

peddling a slow and winding ribbon of sidewalk amongst military barracks

littered with broken  bottles of courage of all those maimed dreams 

slipping up the sides of shingled walls 

facing the wrong way 

to the sky

in order to fly up


tripping into the arms of God

into promise that all would be well

as soon as  grown enough

a decade would make a difference

as mother's wrist blood clotted

 after strange men in dark coats left with father

this young daughter was lifted into grace

to dance into mountains of tulle

spinning  entangled suffocation

 gasping stench of some delusional romance

that oppressed the silenced 

and entertained the 'haver'

dripping skins of dead mammals

swooning before  broken stoned idols of empty youth

trotting about on stage

furiously painted gold lame'

over coats of broken hearts

and abandoned lives





sit me here


so that i can look deeply

into the window of me


re-membering grace


thawing to feel

tender reverence for this breath

rinsing all bitterness


to finally be able

to feel the touch of God