MindBody Centering Yoga Therapy focuses on an individual's or family's established strengths in order to develop greater awareness and capacity. Resources are built upon the positive and proactive possibility to thrive. This is how we touch our true life's purpose and wealth of deep inner peace.

Nina Be is a Somatic Psychologist,  Nationally Certified Counselor, specializing in Trauma-based Multi-Cultural/School/Family Counseling (MEd., NCC #8702) and a Yoga Trainer/Therapist certified at the highest level of expertise, (E-RYT-500).  Specialty certifications include; Yoga for Trauma (Jim Moore, PhD.), Lifeforce Yoga for Depression and Anxiety (Amy Weintraub),  iRest Yoga Nidra for Trauma (Richard Miller, PhD.)  Jungian Intensive Journaling (Ira Progov), Mindfulness Lifestyle Meditations (Thich Nhat Hanh) and Reiki.  Nina's approach to mind/body wellness is enriched by her live learning experiences with master teachers Thich Nhat Hanh, Echkart Tolle, Pema Chodron, John O'Donohue, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama and somatic experts in the fields of Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, ballet, modern and theatre dance techniques; Carol Boggs, Frank Ottowell, Marcel Marceau, Maggie Black, David Howard, Bella Lewitsky and Lee Theodore, to name a few.

As Director of the MindBody Centering Yoga Therapy, empowering individuals into purpose, through focusing on mindful action as a sustainable practice towards supporting the greater good, has inspired thousands of individuals to greater levels of inspired understanding of  Self .  At the base of this work is the understanding that every living being can have a profound effect on positively influencing all of life with thoughts, words and deeds.

In speaking about MindBody Centering Therapy, Nina Be defines her work as sacred alchemy... focusing on the strengths that are already innately available to each unique individual. The MBCYT system builds upon non-judgement to frame ones life on the path of positive, proactive possibility. This is a simple process of attuning to the heart and re-membering ones goodness.

 Nina values the profound potential held in trauma.  Having navigated through her experience of learning and evolving from the violence of her family of origin, the events of evacuating her family from hurricane Katrina, and incurring TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from a critical auto accident, Nina deeply appreciates the whole body as a thinking, feeling organism, whose conditions of imbalance can be shifted through the nourishment of  gentle and consistent care.  This approach has supported thousands of people who have been supported to trust their innate inclinations towards wellness.

Nina finds that many in pain have been treated by medicines to treat illness, yet, they have not been empowered to trust  their ability to create and maintain their best health. She has been honored to guide her clients out of suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Scoliosis, Panic Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, TBI, Chronic Pain, eating & relationship disorders, into lives of Grace. 

Nina Be offers MindBody Centering Yoga Therapy sessions for children, adolescents, adults, families, couples and groups in the form of private sessions and empowerment circles. It is recommended one contact Nina at 919-559-0464 for questions and information regarding focus and structure for sessions. 

The most effective form of MBCT is the Master series which has been found to be the most beneficial and efficient way to find substantial change in negative patterns. Initial sessions take approximately 100 mins. and encompass detailed conversation regarding family patterns, mindfulness practice and  yoga therapy lifestyle suggestions. An initial course of three 50 min follow up sessions is recommended to create the foundational benefits for transformation, remembering that the body is a reflection of the mind and the body supports the mind.  

It is recommended that one invest at least 3 months of MBCYT practices in order to support the living organism to acclimate to new thoughts and patterns for thriving, awakening and transform.  In cases of complex PTSD, a length of 1-2 years may be necessary in order to stabilize out of fragmentation and disassociation into deep embodiment as presence. 

Scheduling of sessions is co-facilitated by clients and Nina Be.                                     

 MINDBODY CENTERING YOGA THERAPY Schedule in Durham NC is:                                                    TUESDAYS ::  12-4                                                                                                           WEDNESDAYS :: 10-2                                                                                                            

 MINDBODY CENTERING YOGA THERAPY fees are as follows:                             

  •      Private Yoga Therapy Individual ::  $125-$175 per session (50-100 mins) 
  •      Private Yoga Therapy Master Series rate:: $400 prepaid/ (250 mins) 
  •      Private Yoga Group Session :: Starting at $250

                       Kindly make your payment before beginning your work with us.  We accept cash and checks.                         A $25 cancellation fee is charged for appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice. 

Please contact Nina at ::  919.559.0464 or nina@nina-be.com for scheduling and questions regarding focus and structure for sessions.

Before attending your first session, please tend to the following exercise and send it along to nina@nina-be.com. ::

Take a few minutes to be specific about what 'symptoms' you would like to resolve in your self...chronic negative thinking...social anxiety..."im not pretty enough"..."what if i die?"...physical symptoms of fatigue, agitation, grinding teeth, dislike. Name 1-6 of these.

What triggers you?  Who?  When do you feel vulnerable?  Around whom? Explain.

For what are you grateful?