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qUest wiRx

qUest wiRx


qUest wiRx

qUest wiRx

we, as the creators, created, and creation invite you to embark on a quest, an inner journey…

awaken into your innate capacity and potentiality through your ability to respond and evolve into consciousness with sensitivity and vulnerability….

connected to the living matrix as members of the flock we focus on the process of finding the space needed so that we might connect and fly and dive with ease…

defining our Selves thru creativity we change the world…

being the change via our sensitivity and vulnerability…

allowing ourselves to be changed…

the field of knowing holding us as support like the ground, breath, air and the living matrix…

meditation is the zero point in the field where energy exchanges between subatomic particles creating the breath, the breather and breathing…

the universe as a supercharged backdrop felt as resonance… 

Creative collaborators for qUest include dancers, musicians, performance and visual artists. Our cohort includes Nina Be, Isabel Castellvi, Rob Chamberlain, Stephanie Sevilla, Glen Rumsey, Jessica Almy Pagan, Mindy Reaves, Shaleigh Comerford, Lindsey Elcessor, Catherine Howard, Stacey Kirby, Madelyn Sovern, Murielle Elizeon, Justin Tornow, COMPANY, and others.  Together we will weave a multi-media experience, creating intentional work with a shared inspiration through practices of meditation, embodiment, imagination and craftsmanship.


Work Samples





nina be :: ma.  m.ed.  ncc  e-ryt-500  


nina be :: ma.  m.ed.  ncc  e-ryt-500  


bio:: The body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind."


Nina Be (MA, MEd, E-RYT 500, NCC) is a yoga therapist, writer/poet, choreographer, performer and restaurateur, who has been producing, teaching, choreographing and designing wellness programs internationally for over 40 years. Her professional performance and published work reflects her orientation as a creative spiritual activist, psychosomatic guide and mystic.   She has choreographed over 20 original dance theatre works and several musicals and operas.

In 1967 nina began studying ballet technique and choreography with Gene Hammett and Perry Brunson of the Ballet Russe. In 1968 she auditioned for the NC School of the Arts ballet dept and was awarded full scholarship for the high school. Upon being awarded a schoarship to the Joffrey School of Ballet, she moved to NYC and began pursuing the path of a professional ballet dancer studying with Maggie Black, Robert Joffrey, Nenette Charrisse, Bobby Blankshine and David Howard. After suffering from debilitating knee injuries, nina explored the somatic & contemplative arts more deeply in order to avoid surgery. Mentorship in the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and kinesthesiology formed the foundation for her Master’s degree in Performing Arts (1979), where she taught, choreographed directed and designed performance art.  Upon graduation Nina was invited to NYC to be assistant to Lee Theodore at the American Dance Machine, where she worked internationally, until Lee’s death.

Presently, nina be directs the MindBody Centering Yoga program, corporate wellness at Burt’s Bees, co-directs the volunteer program of Mindful Whole Health for hundreds if women in JOBSTART (in the N.C. State Women’s Prison System) and offers various workshops and groups for transforming trauma. nina be developed MindBody Centering Yoga to provide dynamic creative movement  and present moment awareness techniques for trauma-sensitive individuals, families, groups, universities and corporations. Her successful RYT 200/300/500-hour Yoga Alliance certification programs of MindBody Centering Yoga, specializing in trauma-sensitive techniques, are offered across the United States . 

As the founder of LiveGlobally, her vision of quelling children’s global poverty through the practice of mindful yoga in community has begun by supporting the building of a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, for the Ingrid Children Education Centre. and supports at-risk adolescents

In order to satisfy her big curiosity about the world, nina has traveled to 38 of the 50 United States and 19 countries.  She plans on experiencing it all!

artist statement::

“It takes me about 10 years to produce a complete work. Every particle of thought, physical experience and relationship rolls over and into my livingness…like some lucid dream, where memories pose as vivd flashbacks not to be separated from, but to be woven into the intelligence of being.”

“The point for me is to participate as a crucial aspect of the living matrix; thats my role as an artist/co-creator. Its not random. Its my job/purpose; to pay attention to all of it…and respond in some interested way….or be able to rest into, find a place for this fractal, (understood as a part of me), and express from that unique vantage point, which will be spiraled into its next mutation instantaneously. I call this the practice of peaceful abiding.”

“My personal time is spent in much quiet so as to settle into some kind of less discordant relationship with my Self. The judgments and social constructs of violence, scarcity and competition must be transmuted in order to reach the open canvas. What is here? As stagnant fragments of relationship with my Self can release, some space for vulnerability allows questioning, dismantling, equanimity.”

“Once there is some semblance of a resolved Self, relationships are sought out for dialoguing around particular themes of inquiry. These explorations look at the conditions of consciousness embodied in death, homelessness, time, seasons, Earth, trauma, madness, unbeing and Spirit as Grace.”

“Collaborations create a perfect psycho-somatic climate to propose how juxtaposition is the necessary dynamic needed to break open into revelation. The interest is in non-performative approaches to expression that embody the heart of the mind. That means the musician, sculptor, dancer, writer, mover/ breather is resolving the existential dilemma of the ego’s legitimacy as superiority. We get to be interested in getting out of the way of our own voluntary imprisoned stuckness as masters of the planet. “

“As a social choreographer its crucial for me to advocate releasing our cultural behaviors and values that create the social constructs of oppression, violating the plethora of species with which we share the Earth and cosmos. This is my highest value as a human being.”

“Next work is to be mounted in 2020.”



ballet/ jazz/creative movement/performance art::

2010-present global breath studio

2002-2006  New Orleans conservatory of the arts

1996-1999  tulane dance dept

1995-1997  new orleans jazz project

1986-1989  japan dansports

1985-1987  tokyo ballet company

1980-1985  american dance machine

1983-1985  steps-nyc

1983-1985  harkness house 

-1980  nyc public schools-the harlem creative arts project

suny university 

choreography/performance lab:

2013-present  Quest multi-media project-power plant gallery/duke

2002-2006  New Orleans Conservatory of the Arts-Performing Arts director/choreography/movement specialist

1995-1999  Loyola University- Co-Director MFA Opera Department

administration of funding fellowships/grants:

2013-2017 global breath studio/foundation

1985-2009  Body Center

1994-1996  contemporary arts center-regional arts project

1993/1996  inter-media arts/mcknight fellowship

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Nina Be

Nina Be is an artist and performer, writer/poet, somatic psychologist, spiritual activist, yoga therapist, restaurateur, who has been mentoring, teaching, choreographing and designing wellness programs internationally for over 40 years. Working as an assistant to Lee Theodore in the early 80’s created continued support for nina’s ongoing curiosity to explore the interiors of being alive through explorative collaborations with sculptors, musicians, actors, singers internationally.  Such meanderings from Tokyo, Kyoto to New Orleans landed her into co-creating the Body Center in Raleigh and Global Breath Studio, a community creation space in downtown Durham. Upon arriving in NC from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, several series of multi-media performances ‘process’ works resulted; Thresholds and the Vestigium Series. Ongoing weekly class collaborations at Global Breath offers continuous practice. This body of local work collaborations spans a breadth of 5 years, wherein invested inhabitance of process hopes for much rich sharing with the public in various locations.

Sarah Borst

Sarah Elizabeth Borst is an internationally exhibited artist from Davidson, North Carolina working in the mediums of photography, film, installation and performance art.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is now a Master of Fine Arts Candidate in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University with an expected graduation date of May 2017.  In addition to her credits as an artist, she is the Curator for the Provost’s Hall Gallery at Duke University working under the Provost, Sally Kornbluth as well as Director of the Center for Documentary Studies Wesley Hogan.  She is also an editorial assistant for Aint-Bad Magazine, an independent publisher of new photographic art. 

Sarah is deeply concerned with the collective female experience, acknowledging that pain and anguish remain perpetuated as our bodies continue to be policed and sexualized.  While her work recognizes that contemporary feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men, it calls us to consider the suffering that exists beneath the activism, never undermining the communal sadness, ache and distress of the female experience.  Being a woman in the world right now is hard as hell and that struggle should never be trivialized. For Sarah, art making is an approach to process, understand, explore and challenge questions about America and the social gallery we have oh, so carefully and comfortably constructed for ourselves. 

cassandra headshot.jpg

Cassandra Callas

Cassandra Callas started her journey in expressive movement early in life through the pursuit of dance, performing in such companies as the Carolina Youth Ballet and Appalachian Dance Ensemble. She grew up studying Vaganova Method Ballet, but when she was introduced to Modern Dance in high school, was instantly captivated by its ability to juxtapose somatic alignment with passionate declaration. While traveling for dance festivals, Cassandra began to draw parallels between Modern Dance and yoga, and started to attend master classes to supplement and enhance her ability to articulate and understand the human experience through movement. Cassandra began teaching yoga during her time living in Boone, North Carolina, where she began to find stability and a sense of place through the art of yoga.

Cassandra was drawn to pursue the MindBody Centering Yoga Teacher Training at Global Breath as a means to explore herself as well as to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga.  She currently serves as a workplace wellness educator and manager of a local farmers' market.  When she is not practicing yoga, Cassandra enjoys traveling, cooking with friends, and exploring the natural abundance of her home state.


Isabel Castellvi

Isabel Castellvi is a versatile musician, sound healer, yogi, lover of plants, herbal medicine and ayurveda, and student of life.  Isabel share’s music with audiences all over the world and has performed, recorded and taught throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South and Central America and the Middle East.  Inspired and informed by her travels and the chance to connect with beings around the globe through music Isabel aspires to share this insight of oneness.  The experience of being able to play music for and with others, often without sharing a spoken language and cultural identity, has been deeply insightful about the power of sound energy speak to all of us, to open our hearts and unite us both in our bodies and in formless space.  

Isabel has led workshops on nada yoga, toning/chanting and various forms of sound healing in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, India and Nicaragua alongside masterful yoga teachers.  In February 2015 she co-led a week long yogascape retreat with yoga teacher Dana Rizer in Nicaragua.  There she was able to play live music for two classes each day, and in the evenings led meditations, sound healing workshops, chakra chanting and walking meditations on the beach.  In the summer of 2014 season she was invited to be the Bard, musician in residence The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  There she had a chance to exchange with the community, compose new music, perform and teach workshops on creative improvisation, sound healing & nada yoga.  

Shaleigh Comerford

ShaLeigh Comerford received a Masters degree in Visual and Performing Arts from Hollins University as well as a Bachelor’s with honors in Painting and Poetry. She began her formal dance training on scholarship with the Roanoke Ballet Theatre in VA. She also trained on scholarship under numerous master teachers at the American Dance Festival. Comerford continued her training in NYC and at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels, Belgium. In addition, Comerford was personally invited to train in the Gaga movement language with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, Israel for their inaugural teacher training program.

Murielle Elizéon

Murielle Elizéon is a French dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has worked in dance and performance since 1995 with various choreographers and theater directors (Thomas Lebrun, Ami Garmon, Stéphane Fratti, Robert Wilson, Soren Sundby, Joachim Schlomer, Tom Schneider and Tommy Noonan) in various countries throughout Europe (France, Switzerland, Danemark , Germany). In 2010, she was invited to choreograph “Mama Tango”, a theater piece by director Anna MacCracken in Theater Legnica in Poland. In 2011, she collaborated on “Labyrinth” (Argentinia, Germany) and “The engagement” (Kleist Festival, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin) directed by Tommy Noonan. The same year, she performed and choreographed tango for “Penthsilea zu Haus,” a theater piece in Neues Museum directed by Kathrin Henstchel.

She has created or co-created choreographic work since 2000, and her work has been presented in France, Belgium, Danemark, Finland, Switzerland, Poland and Germany. She also teaches and performs Argentinian tango since 2005 in Denmark and Germany, finalizing her education in Buenos Aires in 2010. The same year, she created a project around Argentinian tango: “After all”, which involved a one-to-one performance solo, a tango event and an exchange with the elderly in Freiburg, Germany.


Catherine J Howard

Catherine is a painter, traveler, writer, marketing consultant, yogini, teacher, entrepreneur, activist, and baby-snuggling aficionado based in Durham, North Carolina. For over ten years, she has voraciously researched behavioral economics, art-activism, yoga therapy, Thai yoga, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, neuroscience, embryology, and energetic anatomy to develop a holistic understanding of how the body impacts and guides our creative process. Assisting people with their healing so that they can become buoyant, powerful, creative beings fills her heart. 

Mindy Reaves

Raleigh Massage Therapist Mindy Reaves, LMBT 7681, has been practicing massage professionally since 2007. She has a passion for helping others reach a higher potential and a natural ability for connecting with her clients. After graduating from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she went on to pursue her licensure at The Healing Arts & Massage School in Raleigh where she discovered her natural ability for the healing arts.

Mindy has had a rich personal yoga practice since 2003 and she completed her RYT-200 training in 2012. She uses her depth of anatomical knowledge as a bodyworker and creativity as a lifelong dancer to develop safe, effective and fun yoga classes for her beginning and intermediate students. All levels can benefit from her stretch and restore classes which will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced.

Mindy is a North Carolina native. She grew up near Pinehurst, NC and now lives in Raleigh with her husband, Joey and her cat, Hermes. She enjoys yoga, meditative walks through the woods, new and delicious foods, and is an avid hula hoop dancer.

Glen Rumsey

Born and raised in Greensboro, NC. Graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Dance ’92.

Performance: Pam Tanowitz ’92-2010, Merce Cunningham Dance Company ’93-’99, Shasta Cola/Kola ’93-present, Sarah Michelson ’99-2004, Mark Morris for VH1 2000, Glen Rumsey Dance Project 2003-2007, Todd Williams 2005, Christopher Williams 2009.

Costume/Set Design: Shasta Kola ’93-present, Glen Rumsey Dance Project’s “ignored in my heaven” 2003, GRDP”s “little virtue” 2007, Kimberly Bartosik/daela’s “The Materiality of Impermanence 2010.

“In practicing meditation, we’re not trying to live up to some kind of ideal—quite the opposite. We’re just being with our experience, whatever it is.”

—Pema Chödrön

Harald Schmidl

Harald Schmidl's music is driven by moods, experimentation, and by time spent in nature. His current interests are in merging the use of traditional instruments and sound sources that aren't typically considered musical: field recordings, sounds from mundane objects, household items, homemade instruments, and electronics. His drive does not lie in the perfect emulation of a paradigm or style but in the creation of an emotional pastiche of moods.

Justin Tornow

Justin Tornow is a North Carolina native, currently located in Durham, NC. She is the artistic director of COMPANY, a producer of the local artist series PROMPTS, and a co-founder and -organizer with Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA.) Justin’s work has been presented by the Sax Open Festival in Strasbourg, France, UGA-Cortona in Cortona, Italy, Triangle Dance Project, GSO Fringe Festival, DUMBO Dance Festival, CoolNY Festival, 2012 Philly Fringe, and the NC Dance Festival (among others.) In 2010, Justin received an MFA in Choreography from UNC-Greensboro; she lived and worked in NYC from 2010-2013, and relocated to Durham, NC in June 2013. Justin is currently part-time dance faculty at UNC-Greensboro and adjunct faculty at Elon University. She also serves as Board President for the North Carolina Dance Alliance.



Kevin Reiner

Art school dropout cum biochemist cum herbalist cum yogi, Kevin joined qUest wiRx as the resident “mandala daddy” and “plant guy” for this piece. Growing up queer in the 80s has informed a deep interest in the notion of identity as a sort of fluid surface between inner and outer worlds – especially interesting is the tension on this surface when one of these worlds transgresses the other. Since moving to Durham from Cincinnati in 2012, he has (gradually) gotten over (most of) his fears of nature and fallen in love with wilderness as both a place of deep healing and divine communion. He continues to explore and meditate on the resentments, fears, and violence that we project onto the natural world, including how in our time the classic theme of “man v. nature” seems to devolve from battle-for- survival into war-of- attrition.

Cortney Rhodes

:: Jack of many trades :: Magician :: 9 Diamonds :: Aquarius :: Scorpio :: 

When asked to write a bio this is what I wrote :: Raised in North Carolina by her parents and grandparents. Cortney grew along side her siblings Leigh and Spencer, whose ultra stellar imaginations inspired amazing mystical adventures and experiences. Encouraged to pursue art at a young age, she began to use art as an expression of life. Riding the wave of life, she swam through the depths of death, floated by time's illusion-waiting, and rode on the edge to become invisible. Channeling all the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical shit through artistic expression, Cortney is now embracing her inner mermaid, surfing on the waves of life in the company of the powerful water. She is a student of life, practicing to be a teacher of magic. Inspired, encouraged, and supported compassionately by Nina Be, I am Cortney. I am so I create. May it awaken dreams...or not. May you cherish the vision...or not. May you be blessed with 1000 smiles...or 1000+ smiles! :)*

                                                  *You are Fucking Awesome! You are a gift to the world. Thank you for being!

Lindsey Elcessor

Lindsey Elcessor is an artist, musician, and herbal enthusiast.  A recent resident to Durham, she currently performs with local band Evil English.  Her work is inspired by esoteric philosophy, cosmology, ayurveda, alchemy, dreams, the subconscious, and magic.  She is a dedicated visual artist and introspective lyricist with a passion for self study.  Her artwork may be found online at lindseyelcessor.weebly.com or hanging at places like Arcana (through august) and Joe Van gogh (starting in september). 

Abigail Garabrant

Abigail (or Abi, as christened by Nina Be), was born and raised in North Carolina. She attended UNCSA to study classical piano but quickly realized that the life of a professional musician was not for her (read: incurable stage fright). At Duke University she studied English and Religion, exploring and expanding the world of words that she has loved since childhood. She discovered yoga as a teenager and became an instructor under Nina Be's MindBody Centering Yoga in 2013. Currently a graduate student in clinical mental health counseling, Abi enjoys exploring the intersection between the worlds of yoga and modern mental health care, planning to use the former to ground, enhance, and deepen her future practice in the latter.  Inspired by Virginia Woolf, fairy tales, dogs and horses, Abi is an obsessive journaler and aspiring writer. As Nina Be's assistant, she is qUest wiRx's resident schedule-maker and random-task-doer.