Nina Be, MA., Med. offers professional Spiritual Mindfulness Counseling & Ministering services,  to individuals,  couples (married or in other relationships), families and the general public or organizations.  

The application of Spiritual Mindfulness Care and Counseling principles and procedures are offered with the purpose of understanding, influencing the behavior of individuals in order to assist in their attainment of quality personal growth;  to optimize happiness and purpose of  work, marriage, family, church, school, social and interpersonal relationships. Aspects of Psychotherapy principles and procedures include sustaining, healing, shepherding, nurturing, guiding, and reconciling; interviewing, counseling, and using psychotherapy, preventing, and ameliorating difficulties in living; and resolving interpersonal and social conflict.  

Nina considers her role as a facilitator of Spiritual Mindfulness Ministry to be that person who has been called, elected, or otherwise authorized by the spiritual monastic organization of Thich Nhat Hanh through ordination, consecration or equivalent means, to exercise within and on behalf of the support offered by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh as leadership and service that furthers the purpose and mission of loving kindness for all beings.

Rates are sliding scale;  from $100 per hour for services.