Empowerment Group: Practicing Liberation Through the Chakras

prosperity within me,

prosperity around me;

abundance within me,

abundance around me.

Yoga Therapist Nina Be has developed a dynamic evolutionary approach to cultivating abundance as a simple and supportive daily practice. This series of weekly meetings include realizing, creating, and expanding the realms of one's wealth. Using the techniques offered in this concentrated series of sessions, we are on the way to empowered prosperity!

The Women’s Empowerment Group is a personalized system of accessible mind-body awareness skills that strengthen and heal the whole person. Nina offers effective and highly-researched methods of breathing techniques to balance, relaxation to release and heal stress, movement to support the metabolism for energy, creative writing/drawing to empower purpose and love!  Studies include the Chakra system, anatomy, nutrition, mindfulness, positive psychology, and meditation.

Comfortable clothing, a journal, and your favorite expressive art supplies are encouraged!

This is a quick and late note to say thank you for having Wellville host the Women's Empowerment group that just wrapped up.  I got so much out of this wonderful experience. I hope Nina will continue to offer these groups so other women can enjoy!
Thursdays 7-9 pm  at Global Breath Studio

For more information contact nina be at nina@nina-be.com.